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Our Vision:

Our program seeks to be a global resource for innovative, research-based tools and solutions for children impacted by ASD.

Our Philosophy:

The philosophy of The Sonder Autism Center is to provide each child with an individualized program designed to meet the child’s needs as an exceptional learner in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

We celebrate neurodiversity, recognize the individuality and potential in every child, and collaborate in empowering each child to learn, adapt, and flourish.

The goal is to enable each child to utilize the potential that he/she possesses to become a well-adjusted contributing member of society. We believe that each student, regardless of exceptionality, is entitled to this opportunity in the least restrictive environment.

Our Team:

Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts have decades of experience working with families impacted by autism. These clinical professionals work collaboratively at all our locations to create a supportive learning environment and ensure success for each child.

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