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ABA Therapy

Behavior analysis focuses on the principles that explain how learning takes place. Positive reinforcement is one such principle. When a behavior is followed by some sort of reward, the behavior is more likely to be repeated. Through decades of research, the field of behavior analysis has developed many techniques for increasing useful behaviors and reducing those that may cause harm or interfere with learning.

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is the use of these techniques and principles to bring about meaningful and positive change in behavior.

(Source: Autism Speaks)

ABA is a science of behavior using the principles of learning to produce meaningful changes to peoples’ lives by promoting socially significant behavior, either by teaching new behaviors or increasing or decreasing existing behaviors. At Sonder, we provide behavior-analytic services throughout our clients’ school day. Most of our programming is Natural Environmental Teaching, which is also known as Naturalistic or Incidental Teaching. By capturing or contriving teaching opportunities in an everyday routine, we are able to provide services to our clients in a non-conspicuous manner that mimics the “real world.” By providing services in the natural environment, our clients are able to generalize their skills more naturally to community and home settings. The Sonder Autism Center adopts the principles of Positive Behavior Support by seeking to reduce problem behaviors through the encouragement of positive behaviors. Our culture seeks to provide our families and clients a feeling of safety, respect, engagement in learning, and involvement in a family-style community. We collaborate with teachers, students, and their families to provide optimal progress for our clients.

Our team board certified staff specializes in ages 2-20 and focuses on increasing language, coping/emotional skills, reduction of problem behaviors, hygiene skills, social skills, daily living skills and much more!

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