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Our Admissions Process

Our goal at The Sonder Autism Center is to make the admissions process as easy as possible. We have a three-step process to determine eligibility, gather the required information, and get our children and families on board as soon as possible.


Please note, The Sonder Autism Center holds certain requirements in order to be eligible to attend. If your child meets the requirements below, please fill out step 1.


  1. Must have an updated ASD diagnosis from a medical professional.

  2. Must hold active insurance from our following in-network providers Aetna, Tricare, Cigna, United, Blue Cross Blue Shield and most forms of Medicaid.

  3. Must be between the ages of 2 to 20.

  4. Questions? Please see our FAQ section.

Step 1- Determine Eligibility

Fill out the pre-admissions form. Once submitted, you will be contacted by our admissions team to discuss the next steps in your child's admission process.

Click here to fill out our pre-admissions form for ALL LOCATIONS

Step 2 - Waitlist

Once all required forms are completed in order to attend, your child will be placed on our waitlist. When a spot opens, you will receive a call to start the final steps. 

Step 3 - Admittance

Once you’ve completed the final steps and received your start date, you will be granted access to our Parent Portal. Welcome to The Sonder Autism Center! 

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